Praise is recorded and mixed by 3x Grammy nominee Warren Babson and mastered by 9x Grammy nominee and 2x Grammy winner Randy Merrill.

“My music is like a mix between India Arie and Joseph,” Minsk said. “I also have strong roots in world music, which I love to sprinkle especially into the percussion parts. Singers like Dido and The Cranberries have this subtle, otherworldly yodel in some of their pieces, which I also love. With Dido being one of the first singers I ever listened to on my own, she influences a lot of my vocals in songs like 'Praise.' Being a Berklee grad with a long history of Jazz performance, I also have that stringing along through the album,” she stated.

The album was crowdfunded with $25K by fans, friends, and family and has been highly anticipated by music critics.