Released July 15th, 2020, Minsk's divorce-themed EP Everything, Everything is a story that starts with the joy of marriage, explores the trauma of divorce, and ends with spiritual triumph—a testimony to God’s love in the face of disaster.

Everything, Everything is inspired by the Japanese practice of kintsugi, where pieces of broken pottery are put back together using melted gold. The purpose of kintsugi is not commercial, meaning one is not meant to break pottery for the purpose of creating kintsugi. Instead, the practice is used to salvage an item which is already loved by its owner--wedding china, a gift from a loved one, or something of similar value.


Kintsugi is meant to restore items which are much too precious to be thrown away and forgotten. The resulting piece is even more beautiful than the original, anointed by its gold ornament.


In the context of divorce, it is normal for a person to battle feelings of being discarded or damaged, like broken pottery. Everything, Everything explores this concept, along with the notion that none of us are too broken to be restored, and even exalted, by Yahweh.


Because He cherishes His creations, He is able to use spiritual kintsugi, transforming embarrassing cracks into gorgeous, golden decor. In Him, our weaknesses can truly become our strengths; instead of being covered with shame, we are able to reflect the radiance of His glory, and be put on display for all to see.


After all, some creations are much too treasured to be thrown away.