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Out of all the 5 Love Languages—quality time, gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation, and physical touch—all but one of these languages are able to be met directly and completely by Yahweh alone ✨


We can spend time with Him in prayer and meditation, He gives us gifts through undeserved blessings, He performs acts of service to us in times of need, and He affirms us through His holy and perfect Word ✨


However, for someone whose love language is physical touch, sometimes, all one wishes for is to be held by Yah, to put their head in His lap and have Him stroke their hair, to kiss Him on the cheek…


To hold His hand ✨


“Spirit, Hold My Hand” is a song that was written over the course of many years, each line penned in longing for the touch of Yahweh’s hand ✨ It also now functions as an intention for the new year, centered around Holy Spirit-led living ✨

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